Today we want to thank one of our loyal Internet TV customers who was very satisfied with our IPTV service and decided to write his personal review on our service. 

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Looking for the best IPTV provider?

Choosing a reliable IPTV service can be a daunting task.

Today I wanted to review an IPTV service I have tried recently and which has proven to be a great alternative to my Cable subscription and by far the best IPTV subscription I tried so far.

Meet Rock Solid TV

A simple Google search didn’t always turn the best results, I had to go through many IPTV service providers to find a reliable one having at least the below requirements:

  • Lots of local HD channels
  • Lots of movies and series
  • Little to no buffering
  • A good TV Guide (EPG)
  • Good customer support

It turns out Rock Solid TV had all those covered, It’s been almost 9 months since I bought their yearly plan for $49, and it’s still working great!

I also like their Live TV app which works great on my Firestick and Android tablet, It works better than Tivimate or Smarters Pro which have been recommended to me by other IPTV providers.

Rock Solid TV’s Live TV App

I have also noticed that apart from US, UK, and Canadian channels, they also have numerous foreign channels — which can be a good thing to have that much choices.

Overall, I was very pleased with their service, picture quality, and all. But what I was impressed with the most is their streaming reliability. I had very minimal buffering on certain occasions, but most of the time the TV viewing experience was crystal clear.

I tried other IPTV services later, Rock Solid TV is still the service that I use at home on a daily basis — considering it’s hard to find another IPTV service that’s reliable and with no buffering.

So I suggest you at least try them out, you probably won’t be disappointed.

Last time I checked, they’re still offering a 24 hour trial, which you can use to try out their IPTV service.

More specifics about Rock Solid TV

Now I feel like I haven’t talked much about the little details of their IPTV service. So here’s some facts about their service:

  • Over 12,000 Live HD Channels
  • Over 3000 US, UK, CA Channels
  • Over 8000 Movies & Series
  • Radio and Music included
  • 24/7 Channels
  • Many International Channels
  • PPV Events
  • TV Guide EPG provided
  • Live TV App (Apk)
  • Catch-up included
  • Compatible with most devices

What I find even more impressive is the fact that you can get all that for only $49.99 a year, which is by far the cheapest IPTV service by yearly subscription I found online (and believe me I did my research!)

I have seen many other IPTV providers easily charge up to $150 for their yearly packages similar to this.

Now nothing is 100% perfect, so I have to mention two downsides that I have found with Rock Solid TV.

Firstly, they don’t offer simultaneous connections, their subscription can typically be used with one to two devices tops. But that was fine with me since I only have my Firestick and an Android tablet, both which work fine together.

Second, they don’t offer adult channels, I asked them about this and they said they got complaints from parents, so they decided to remove adult content.

But for me, those two downsides were a small price to pay to be able to watch TV reliably with minimal buffering for over 9 months.

With that said, here is their TV selection as of April 17, 2020:

  • USA channels — 1,054
  • UK channels — 553
  • Canadian channels — 316
  • Latino channels — 1,077
  • Indian channels — 720
  • Australian channels — 173
  • Arabic channels — 523
  • German channels — 367
  • Italian channels — 450
  • French channels — 381
  • Spanish channels — 282
  • Russian channels — 320
  • African channels — 557
  • Korean & Japanese channels — 116
  • Chinese channels — 267

Plus 188 Swedish, 84 Denmark, 166 Dutch, 127 Hebrew, 165 Portuguese, 228 Turkish, and many other selections for other countries.

With such a large selection of channels, you are surely to find your favorite ones.

Now as for VOD, they do have more than 8000 movies & series from known streaming services such as HBO, Netflix, Marvel and others.

As a current satisfied user myself, I highly recommend you give Rock Solid TV a try.

They’re currently offering a 24 hour trial, so definitely make use of that.

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